FAQ’s: Conventional Loans with 1 yr taxes/income verification

Comparison of Options for Derog Credit

Conventional Loans with  1 year income verification

1)Types of Income Covered

  • Self Employed Schedule C ,K1
  • Rental Income
  • W2 income
  • Pension,Disability,Social Security

2)Decision Making

Automated Underwriting only

3)4506T Verification

Only 1 year taxes will be verified

4)Loan To Value and Loan Amounts

  • $417000 to 95%
  • $625500 to 90%

5)Credit Requirements

Minimum Fico is 620.Automated underwriting OK needed


Just like all other conventional products.No extra adds for 1 year income verification

7)Quick Next Day OKs

Send the Completed application form .Income /Assets to support can follow after we give preliminary OK

Send Completed applications to [email protected]  OR Fax to: 925 215 1900

Download application: Application Form .Please complete entire form to maximum extent possible.This is a Typeable form.Please fill in the required information,SAVE the completed form and send back to us.