Economic Indicators – January 2018

January 2018 Economic Indicators

  • Dollars per Barrel and % change for Crude Oil Prices: Brent -Europe
  • Percent of GDP and % change for Federal Surplus or Deficit as Percent Gross Domestic Product
  • Total U.S Dollars per troy ounce and % change for Gold Fixing Price: London Bullion Market Based in US Dollars
  • Index March 1973=100 and % change for Major Currencies: Trade Weighted US Dollars Index
  • Millions of Dollars increase and % change for Mortgage backed Securities Held by the Federal Reserve: All maturities
  • Billions of chained 2009 dollars and % change for Real Gross Domestic Product
  • Percent of GDP and % change for Total Public Debt as Percentage of GDP
  • Millions of Units Sold and % change for Total Vehicles Sales
  • Average % and % change for  Leading Index for the US and California


  • Homeownership Rate for US is 63.9% in January 2017. US Leading Index is at 1.57% in January 2018 reflecting a 0.6% increase compared to last year and California Leading Index is at 2.52% in January 2018 reflecting a 11.0% increase from year ago
  • Major Currencies decreased to 99.340 reflecting a 8.2% decrease from year ago. Gold Fixing Prince increase to 1,331.666 reflecting 11.7% increase from year ago. Crude Oil prices increased to 69.18 Dollars in January 2018 reflecting a 26.8% increase from year ago. Federal Deficit was at -3.43141% in January 2017 reflecting a 9.3% increase from year ago. Total Vehicles sales is 17.5 Million in January 2018 reflecting a 1.1% decrease from year ago
  • Mortgage backed securities for all maturities is $1,766,401 Mn in January 2018 reflecting a 1.3% increase from year ago
  • Real Gross Domestic Product has increased to 17286.497 Bn Dollars with 2.6% increase from year ago. Federal Debt has decreased to 103.73920 percent of the GDP with 1.8% decrease from year ago

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