San Mateo Countywide Days on Market for November 2014

San Mateo DOM

San Mateo Cities Days on Market ( DOM)

  • Listings in 16 cities out of 23 cities reviewed took equal or less time to sell, as compared to listings sold in Nov 2013.
  • Listings in 7 cities of Belmont(41),Burlingame(49),Foster City(50),Menlo Park(43),Millbrae(46),San Carlos(41) and San Mateo(48) took 50 or less days to sell .
  • Listings in El Granada (120),Half Moon Bay (117),Hillsborough(117),LaHonda (208),Montara (110),Moss Beach (87),Portal Valley (119) and Woodside (84)  took 80 or more days to sell.
  • All other cities fell between  an average between 51-79 days.
  • The average listing days last Nov 2013 was 72 Days. This moved down to 69 Days in Nov 2014.

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