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Process for Scenarios;Preapprovals;Full Approvals

Process to discuss and submit Scenarios

  1. By email: [email protected]
  2.  Online: Submit Scenario
  3. Phone:925 820 2981 or Toll Free 866 280 0020 x 2981

Process to Submit for Preapproval/Full approval

  1. By email:[email protected]
  2. Online application: Click To Apply   
  3. Phone:925 820 2981 or Toll Free 866 280 0020 x 2981
  4. Download application: Application Form .Please complete Sec III,IV,V and VIII.This is a Typeable form.Please fill in the required information,SAVE the completed form and send back to us.

Documents needed

Self Employed

  • 2 year taxes ( all pages) ( federal)
  • Business License or CPA/Tax preparer letter for business in existence for 2 years

Wage Earners

  • 1 year taxes (all pages) (federal)
  • W2s for 2 yrs
  • Paystubs for 1 consecutive month

  • 1099s for 2 years
  • Most current SSI award letter

  Purchase Specific

  • Purchase Contract Fully Executed with all Counters and addendums
  • EMD Receipt
  • EMD Cancelled Check
  • SS Approval For 1st and 2nd (as applicable)
  • Escrow Contact Information

Asset Statements

  • Latest Bank Statements  all pages
  • Retirement account  (for last  quarter if quarterly, or 2 months if monthly)(all pages) if being used for Reserves/Down Payment.

Existing Properties

  • Latest Mortgage Statement for all properties with mortgages
  • Insurance for all properties with or without mortgage
  • Tax bills for all properties with or without mortgage
  • Lease/Rent agreement for  Rental property purchase recently and not appearing on last tax return