US Homes Report – October 2017


October 2017 US Homes Report

  • Average Existing Home Prices and Sales for West, Midwest, Northeast and South
  • Average Months Supply for Existing Homes and % change from year ago
  • Average Number of Units of Existing Homes Inventory and % change from year ago
  • Deliquency Rate SFR Mortgages and % change from year ago
  • Interest Rate change for Residential Mortgage Rates
  • Percent Change for Weekly Residential Mortgage Applications
  • Average Thousand of Units for New Privately owned housing units started and % change from year ago
  • Average Dollars for Mean Sales Price of Existing Homes and % change from year ago
  • Average thousand of units of New One Family houses Sold:United states and % change from year ago


  • West had the highest averages in Existing Home Sales at 2.4% increase and South had a 1.1% percent decrease in Existing Home Prices in October 2017
  • Existing home sales Months Supply was at 3.9 months supply reflecting 7.1% decrease from month ago. Existing home sales Housing inventory decreased to 1,800,000 units reflecting a 3.2% decrease from month ago
  • SFR Delinquency Rate this 3rd Quarter of 2017 is at 3.62% reflecting a 17.0% decrease from year ago, Mortgage Rate Reading for 19th of October is 3.88% for 30 yr, 3.19% for 15 yr, 3.17% for 5 yr and Mortgage Applications decreased by 3.6% for the week ending October 18, 2017
  • New privately owned housing units decreased to 1,290,000 in October 2017 reflecting a 2.9% decrease from year ago. New one family houses sold in US increased to 685,000 units with 18.7% increase from year ago and Mean Sales Price of Existing Homes decreased to $288,400 with 0.4% decrease from month ago

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