Consumer Price Index Report for June 2015

Group 6 - June 2015


  • San Francisco MSA leads the Primary House Rent index at 369.549 reflecting a 6.1% increase from year ago followed by Los Angeles at 315.732 reflecting a  4.0% increase from year ago and National at 285.031 reflecting a 3.5% increase from year ago
  • CPI in June 2015 for all items in San Francisco is highest at 259.117 with 2.3% increase compared to Los Angeles at 245.459 with 0.85% increase and National at 237.786 with 0.2% increase from year ago
  • San Francisco MSA housing index leads at 292.549 with 5.6% increase in June 2015 compared to Los Angeles at 266.760 with 2.8% increase and National at 238.568 with 2.0% increase from year ago
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