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Hi Agents!

Can you handle additional qualified Buyers. Are you open to Co-Market with a Direct Lender. We believe Agents and Loan Officers share lots in common!

We all need closure

Agents and Loan Officers never refuse qualified buyers. At Shining Star Funding we are always looking for true partnerships that help Agents and us grow.

Shining Star Funding has the Perfect Agent Lender tested solution

All you need to do is Co Market with Shining Star Funding by signing up at Zillow as a Zillow Preferred Agent . Shining Star Funding will cover up to half your Zillow Advertising cost.

You get more Buyers for your same Budget

Sign up with Zillow for targeted leads. Since we cover up to half your cost, you end with more leads for the same budget. Increased conversions with our time tested system gets you more qualified buyers. Complete as many 3 way conference calls between you, your Loan Officer and your prospect to get maximum qualified buyers.

Pretty Amazing Well check this out

Proprietary Lead Management Software Computer

Our Proprietary Lead Management Software lets you access leads and update status through your desktop or mobile device. We believe that, working with Shining Star Funding – you’ll get maximum qualified borrowers to pursue.


Our In house underwriting and lending will not let you down 2

Agent and Lender Co-Marketing FAQs

How does co-marketing work?al-1
Zillow Premier Agent® can invite Shining Star Funding to share marketing costs with them. The agent specifies the dollar amount they would like Shining Star Funding to contribute.
Who is co-marketing for?al-2
Agent and Shining Star Funding Co-marketing is for professionals who want to share marketing costs on Zillow®. By sharing these costs, Agents and Shining Star Funding can often reduce their marketing spend and increase their ROI.
I’m an agent. How does co-marketing reduce my cost?al-3
When Shining Star Funding co-markets with you on Zillow, Shining Star Funding payments to Zillow® will be deducted from your spend. For example, if you spend $300 per month on Zillow® and have Shining Star Funding co-market with you for $150 per month, in your next billing cycle Zillow® will first charge Shining Star Funding $150 and then charge you the balance ($150).

Contact Shining Star Funding at our toll free hotline 866 280 0020

Shining Star Funding A division of Finance of America Mortgage LLC | Equal Housing Lender | NMLS 1071 | Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act.
Registered Trademark of Zillow


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