Countywise Homes Sold Report December 2014


Countywise Report for December 2014

The actual numbers show homes sold in Dec 2014 was less than Dec 2013.However, looking closely at the Sales Price/List Price % and Days on market shows that the market is very much a sellers market.Buyers were chasing less inventory and offering way over asking prices to get into contract.It took less days to sell a home as compared to Dec 2013.

Countywise  Homes Sales

Number of homes sold was analyzed for 7 Counties.

  • All Counties except San Benito saw a drop in volume  compared to corresponding period in Dec 2013.
  • Counties in Contra Costa, Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz saw an increase in volume in Dec 2014 compared to Nov 2014.
  • On the flip side San Benito County saw an increase in volume in Dec 2014 compared to Dec 2013.
  • Number of homes sold in December 2014 was 3930 compared to 4310 in December 2013.Since metrics like SP/LP% and Days on Market improved over last year,the reduced sales numbers can be attributed to lack of inventory.

ALL Sold

Countywise SP/LP%

  • 3 out 7 counties evaluated  had sales closings over asking price in the month of Dec 2014.
  • The situation was similar in Dec 2013. with 4 out of 7 cities having sales over asking.
  • Average SP/LP% was 100.43% compared to 99.56% in Decemeber 2013.


Countywise Days on Market ( DOM)

  • Listings in 4 counties out of 7 counties reviewed took less time to sell, as compared to listings sold in Dec 2013.The gainers were Alameda (66), Contra Costa (81), Monterey (106) and San Mateo (69).
  • Listings in Contra Costa County (81), Monterey County (106), San Benito (122) and Santa Cruz County (92) took 80 or more days to sell
  • All other counties fell between  an average between 51-79 days.
  • Average DOM in Dec 2014 was 81 days compared to Average DOM of 86 days in Dec 2013.


Countywise Average Prices

  • Countywise Average sales price was analysed for 7 Counties for last 1 year.
  • All Counties saw a price increase in Dec 2014  compared to last Dec 2013.
  • All Counties except Alameda County saw an increase in price compared to previous month of Nov 2014.
  • Average Sales price in Dec 2014 was $965,796 compared to Average Sales Price of $788,505 in Dec 2013.




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