Monterey County Homes Sold Report December 2014


Monterey County Citywise Report for December 2014

The actual numbers show homes sold in Dec 2014 was less than Dec 2013. However,it took less days to sell a home, as compared to Dec 2013.Average price of homes was higher in Dec 2014 as compared to Dec 2013.

Monterey County Citywise  Homes Sales

Number of homes sold was analyzed for 11 cities.

  • 7 cities saw an increase in volume compared to corresponding period in Dec 2013.
  • 7 cities also saw an increase or equal  in volume in Dec 2014 compared to Nov 2014.
  • On the flip side 4 cities saw a drop in volume in Dec 2014 compared to Dec 2013
  • Total homes sold in Dec 2013 was 234, Nov 2014 was 193 and Dec 2014 was 211.

MO sold

Monterey County SP/LP%

  • Every City except Castroville, Gonzales and Marina  had sales closings below asking price in the month of Dec 2014.
  • The situation was similar in Dec 2013. Every city except Castroville, Gonzales, Greenfield and Salinas had sales below asking price.
  • The average SP/LP % ( Sales Price/List Price %) in Dec 2013 was 97.32% and average SP/LP% in Dec 2014 was 95.49%.


Monterey Cities Days on Market ( DOM)

  • Listings in 8 cities out of 18 cities reviewed took less time to sell, as compared to listings sold in Dec 2013.
  • Listings in Carmel (183), Carmel by the sea (160), Carmel Valley (148), Del Rey Oak (86), Greenfiel (89), Gonzales (114), Monterey (132), Pacific Grove (117), Prunedale (129), Royal Oaks (85), Salinas (109) ,Seaside(122) and Soledad (83) took 80 or more days to sell.
  • The average listing days in Monterey County last Dec 2013 was 121 Days. This moved down to 106 Days in Dec 2014.


Monterey County Citywise Average Prices

  • Citywise Average sales price was analysed for 11 cities in Monterey county for last 1 year.
  • Every City except King City, Prunedale, Royal Oaks and Soledad saw a price increase in Dec 2014  compared to last Dec 2013.
  • However, Listings in 8 Cities saw small price drops compared to previous month of Nov 2014.
  • Average price in Dec 2013 was $671,383. Average price in Dec 2014 was at $699,990.




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