See what Real Estate Agents and Clients have to say about recently closed transactions

See what Real Estate Agents and Clients have to say about recently closed transactions


“DePac was amazing! He got my clients a loan no one else could! Our regular lender could not get a loan for my clients, we had called several other lenders with no success. We had a unique situation and DePac addressed all issues up front, performed quickly and got our loan closed quicker than anticipated! I would recommend DePac for all your lending needs. We were extremely satisfyed with his service!”Ashli Hyta ,Bayside Properties

“Mr. De Pac it was a great experience working with you. I will  definitely use you again ”  Candelaria Godinez ,Champion Realty

I wanted to put in type what a pleasure it was to work with you.  I can’t say that to many lenders that are not my regular lenders. Most don’t answer their phones or emails and others do not return phone calls. You were on top of everything at all times and I could always get a hold of you.  If you speak any other languages besides English, please let me know.You took wonderful care of our clients and I am sure they are very grateful also”Debra Ann Peterson, Realty World Town and Country Partners, Inc.

I really enjoyed working with you on this transaction. You delivered whatever you promised, no only one time but earlier. What else an Buyer’s Agent can expect!!!

One less party to worry about in a purchase transaction.

I liked your relationships with banks, as it is major contributor to close on time.

My client was fully informed and everything was communicated well.  They had no issued with dealing with you. They were rather gladly surprised to close ahead of estimated COE. I wish you all the success and looking forward to working with you in future.” Sincerely Bikram Singh, GRI Broker.

Ira at Shining Star Funding is the first person I call when I have a client looking to purchase a home, literally.  Their process from application to funding is streamline and effortless for my clients and myself.  My experience in escrow has never been a positive experience until I started working with Ira and Shining Star Funding.  I have gained so much more confidence with the loan process with these 3 important factors they contribute- Communication with my buyers and I, Meeting contingency dates and closing dates, and Knowing their lenders. Ira also has great customer service which makes the process feel like there’s always someone ready to help and answer your questions.  I have a lot of respect for Ira and Shining Star funding because they work hard year round to make sure my clients and I are taken care of. For everything they do, I am committed to Ira and Shining Star Funding to be a vital part of my business.” Steven Quach, Keller Williams

“Well we started moving in this weekend, both Patty and I can not believe this has happened! We have struggled over the last ten years plus with Patty’s health and trying to make sure our kids lived a normal life, we never thought we would own our own home, well we do now! and its all due to your hard work we still do not know how you did it? Thank you so much for helping us this is truly a dream come true not just for Patty and I but for Nikki and our son also, for Nikki its a good start for her future she was so happy she stayed in the house the 1st night and had her room completely set up already, Now she can continue her schooling and not have to worry about housing, it was also her birthday and she couldn’t have asked for a better present.

We well keep in in touch with you as we truly want to meet you and thank you in person.

Thank you so very much, you are an Angel,” Mark and Patty

“Hey we are almost there!  We will sign tommorow and hopefully be done soon.  I’m assuming this means our lending went through?

My dads funeral was yesterday and burial today.  Thanks for your warm wishes and concern.  Luckily I have a big family with lots of love, today was a peaceful one, with tears and some smiles too.  Here’s a pic taken by my brother in the front seat of the limo on our way today.  I’m next to my brother shown here.  My sisters are are behind.  We just got done laughing from happy memories of dad.  😉

I can’t believe now I’m after all this I’m getting this house, my dads last words to me were, “a big congradulations on the house honey”.  So thanks again for helping us with creative financing and getting everything in order for submission.  Really appreciate it and your kindness.” Rachel

“I can never adequately than you for what you have done for me…. But I just hope you know that you have been responsible for changing my life in a profoundly positive way! I will never forget you!!”Sharyn

“thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…….


“My loan experience was great.  I  can truly say that you and your company were diligent in assisting me with my loan.  We begin the process in December of 2009 and you provided expert advice on what steps I needed to take to get approved.  You guided me with respect to clearing up outstanding credit issues, as well as, took the initiative on pursuing problem credit issues on my report.  You kept be updated on the status of my application; I knew each step of the way where I was in the loan process.  If if were not for your help I don’t think I would be in my home today and for that I am truly greatful to you and Shinning Star Funding.Muriel

It was a great experience working with you, It being our first time we were pretty stressed out but you made it easy for us to understand everything. We are comfortable with our loan and greatly appreciate your hard work. I have reffered you to some of my friends that are interested in a buying a home.  We will definatley contact you in the future. Again thank you.”Stephanie and Shane

“It was great experience working with you, I will definite call you for any future needs.”Rakesh

“Thank You so much Ira,For all the hard work you have done for me & my wife.Without your help, it may not have been possible for us to get this home that we are very happy with.Today and every day, we will be thinking of you each and every time we walk in and out of our NEW HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Again We want to Thank You .” John & Sandra

” Things are going very well all moved in” YEA!!!! I just love it, sending you a picture of Living Room My favorite place. I am so Grateful to God for you and Shining Star Funding. Your guidance through all was a great blessing to Manny and I. Feb. 5th was our first Payment. It’s really ours” WOW still can’t believe it.” Lupe and Manny

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