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Mortgage Loan: Easy income verification for Self Employed borrowers


Mortgage Loan: Easy income verification for Self Employed borrowers

  • 1 year  tax return verification program available
  • Maximum 90% loan up to $625,500
  • 95% loan to $417,000
  • Additional Second loan up to $350,000 *
  • Family Members can cosign for borrower (if borrower not able to qualify with own income) even if co signor will not occupy home.
  • Subject to automated underwriting only.

*Second Loan not directly offered by Shining Star Funding

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Scenario’s to use this loan

  • If your income in 2013 taxes was out of line and 2014 income is higher, we can work with just the 2014 tax returns. If you have not filed 2014 taxes we will work just with the 2013 tax returns.
  • If your 2014 tax returns is not sufficient to qualify you for the desired loan amount you can have a family member cosign for you, even though they may not occupy the home. Example Parents can cosign for children, siblings can cosign for their siblings. This help’s borrower qualify with co signor’s income with higher loan amounts.
  • Maximum combined loan amount is 90%.Maximum first loan is $625,500 and maximum second loan is $350000.Example,if a home is for $900,000 we can finance a first up to $625,500 and a second up to $184,500 with a down of $90,000