203K FHA home loans

FHA Loans – FHA 203 K Rehabilitation Loan

FHA provides rehabilitation mortgage loans for owner-occupants of real estate to

  •  finance the rehabilitation of an existing property;
  •  finance rehabilitation and refinancing of the outstanding indebtedness (mortgages) of a property; and
  • finance the initial purchase and rehabilitation of a property.

The FHA 203(k) can be used with 1-4 family dwellings, condominiums and HUD Homes. There is a minimum requirement of $5,000 in repairs. Unfortunately, Co-ops are not eligible.

FHA 203(k) can be used to bring illegal dwellings into code compliance. Mixed use residential / commercial properties may also be eligible. A burnt out shell, incomplete shell or empty foundation is eligible for 203(k) financing provided it is over 1 year old.

FHA will lend up to 98.15% of the future value of the dwelling after all completed repairs but you cannot exceed the maximum FHA loan limit for the area in which the property is located in.

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With a basic understanding of the FHA 203k loan you may now learn if you qualify by clicking FHA Loan Qualifying.

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