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Bay Area County Homes Sales Report – October 2020

Bay Area County Homes Sales Report – October 2020


  • Average Bay Area county selling price for counties analysed was $1,371,279 in October 2020. Santa Clara County led with the highest average selling price at $2,166,047, followed by San Mateo County at $2,034,575, Monterey county at $1,119,699, Alameda County at $1,021,798, Santa Cruz County at $1,008,045, Contra Costa County at $1,005,134 and San Benito at $860,030
  • Total Average Days on Market in Bay Area counties analysed was 78 days, 218 for San Benito County County, 105 for Monterey County, 92 for Santa Cruz County, 74 for San Mateo County, 74 for Santa Clara County, 61 for Contra Costa County and 56 for Alameda County
  • Bay Area counties analyzed had Listings Sold of 5,173 in October 2020. Santa Clara County had the highest at 1,368, Alameda County at 1,364, followed by Contra Costa County at 1,337, San Mateo County at 542, Monterey County at 281, 216 for Santa Cruz and 54 for San Benito County
  • Sales Price to List price in October 2020 is at 102.4%. Alameda County is at 105.65%, Contra Costa County at 103.79%, San Mateo County at 102.12%, Santa Clara County at 101.32%, Santa Cruz County at 100.84%, San Benito County at 99.44% and Monterey County at 99.35%


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